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On-Line Articles by David Seamon

Note: More articles by David Seamon after 2010 are available at: http://ksu.academia.edu/DavidSeamon

2017  Architecture, Place, and Phenomenology: Buildings as Lifeworlds, Atmospheres, and Environmental Wholes, a chapter in Janet Donohoe (ed.), Phenomenology and Place, Lanham, MD: Roman and Littlefield.


2017  Hermeneutics and Architecture: Buildings-in- Themselves and Interpretive Trustworthiness, a chapter in Bruce Janz (ed.), Place, Space and Hermeneutics, Contributions to Hermeneutics 5. NY: Springer, 2017 [DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-52214-2_25].

2017   A Phenomenological and Hermeneutic Reading of Rem Koolhaas’s Seattle Central Library, a chapter in Ruth Conway Dalton and Christopher Hölscher (eds.), Take One Building: Interdisciplinary Research Perspectives on the Seattle Central Library (pp. 67-94). London: Routledge.

2016    Qualitative Approaches to Environment-Behavior Research: Understanding Environmental and Place Experiences, Meanings, and Actions, co-authored with Harneet K. Gill & chap. 7 in Research Methods for Environmental Psychology, edited by Robert Gifford (NY: Wiley, 2016), pp. 115-135.

2016  Christopher Alexander and a Phenomenology of Wholeness, a chapter in Kyriakos Pontikis & Yodan Rofѐ (eds.), In Pursuit of a Living Architecture: Continuing Christopher Alexander’s Quest for a Humane and Sustainable Building Culture (pp. 50-66). Champaign, IL: Common Ground.

2015    Understanding Place Holistically: Cities, Synergistic Relationality, and Space Syntax, Journal of Space Syntax, vol. 6, issue 1, pp. 19-33.

2015    The Phenomenological Contribution to Interior Design Education and Research: Place, Environmental Embodiment, and Architectural Sustenance, in The         Handbook of Iterior Design, ed. J. Asher Thompson & N. H. Blossom (pp. 417-31). Oxford: Wiley/Blackwell.

2015    New introduction for the Routledge "Revivals" reprint of A Geography of the Lifeworld (originally 1979)

2015    Lived Emplacement and the Locality of Being: A Return to Humanistic Geography?

2014    Place Attachment and Phenomenology: The Synergistic Dynamism of Place

2014    Physical and Virtual Environments: Meaning of Place and Space

2014    Looking at a Photograph—André Kertész’s 1928 Meudon: Interpreting Aesthetic Experience Phenomenologically

2013    Lived Bodies, Place, and Phenomenology: Implications for Human Rights and Environmental Justice

2013    Phenomenology and Uncanny Homecoming: Homeworld, Alienworld, and Being-at-Home in Alan Ball’s HBO Television Series, Six Feet Under

2013    What Might Phenomenology Offer Environment-Behavior Research? in EDRA Connections, December (issue no 1), pp. 6-7

2012    “A Jumping, Joyous Urban Jumble”: Jane Jacobs’s Death and Life of Great American Cities as a Phenomenology of Urban Place

2012    Bringing People Together or Keeping Them Apart: The Spatial Configuration of Roads and Other Pathways, Minding Nature, vol. 5, no. 1.

2010    Gaston Bachelard’s Topoanalysis in the 21st Century: The Lived Reciprocity between Houses and Inhabitants as Portrayed by American Writer Louis Bromfield [Phenomenology 2010, ed. L. Embree (pp. 225-43). Bucharest: Zeta].

2010    The Place of Home and At-Homeness in Alan Ball’s HBO Television Series, Six Feet Under [invited paper, International Human Science Research conference, Seattle University, Seattle, August 5].

2009    Existentialism/Existential Geography [an entry in Kitchen, R. & Thrift, N. (eds.), International Encyclopedia of Human Geography, vol. 3, pp. 666-71. Oxford: Elsevier].

2008    Place, Placelessness, Insideness, and Outsideness in Filmmaker John Sayles' Sunshine State

2008    Place, Belonging, and Environmental Humility: The Experience of "Teched" as Portrayed by American Novelist and Agrarian Reformer Louis Bromfield

2008    Place and Placelessness, Edward Relph, co-authored with Jacob Sowers [chapter in Classic Texts in Geography, Phil Hubbard, Rob Kitchen, and Gil Valentine, eds]

2008    A Phenomenology of Inhabitation: The Lived Reciprocity between Houses and Inhabitants as Portrayed by American Writer Louis Bromfield

2007    A Lived Hermetic of People and Place: Phenomenology and Space Syntax [keynote paper, 6th International Space Syntax Symposium, Istanbul, Turkey, June 2007]

2007    Interconnections, Relationships, and Environmental Wholes: A Phenomenological Ecology of Natural and Built Worlds

2007    Christopher Alexander and a Phenomenology of Wholeness [conference paper, special session on Alexander, Environmental Design Research Association Sacramento, California, May 2007]

2006    A Geography of the Lifeworld in Restrospect: A Response to Shaun Moores

2006    Clarifying and Evaluating Christopher Alexander’s Theory of Wholeness by Interpreting his Approach as a Tetrad of Activity [conference paper, International Association for Philosophy, Philadelphia, October 2006]

2004    Grasping the Dynamism of Urban Place: Contributions from the Work of Christopher Alexander, Bill Hillier, and Daniel Kemmis

2003    Connections that Have a Quality of Necessity: Goethe's Way of Science as a Phenomenology of Nature

2002    A World More Robust and Kind: The First Volume in Christopher Alexander's "The Nature of Order"

2000     Phenomenology, Place, Environment, and Architecture: A Review of the Literature

2000    Concretizing Heidegger's Notion of Dwelling: The Contributions of T. Thiis-Evensen & C. Alexander

1999    Making Community & Place: Commonalities & Contrasts in the Work of D. Kemmis & C. Alexander

1996    A Singular Impact: Edward Relph's Place and Placelessness

1993    Different Worlds Coming Together: A Phenomenology of Relationship as Portrayed in Doris Lessing's  Diaries of Jane Somers

1993    The Life of the Place: A Phenomenological Commentary  On Bill Hillier’s Theory of Space Sytax

1993    "Seeing with New Eyes": Phenomenology and the New Millennium"


1990    Awareness and Reunion: A Phenomenology of the Person-World Relationship as Portrayed in the New York Photographs of André Kertész [includes photographs]


Complete List of Articles by David Seamon [up to 2004--see CV for updated list]

2004   Grasping the Dynamism of Urban Place: Contributions from the Work of Christopher Alexander, Bill Hillier, and Daniel Kemmis, to be published in Tom Mels, editor, Understanding Place, forthcoming.

2002   Physical Comminglings: Body, Habit, and Space Transformed into Place, The Occupational Therapy Journal of Research, 22: 42S-51S.

2000   A Way of Seeing People and Place: Phenomenology in Environment-Behavior Research. In S. Wapner, J. Demick, T. Yamamoto

          and H Minami (Eds.), Theoretical Perspectives in Environment-Behavior Research (pp. 157-78).  New York: Plenum.

2000   Concretizing Heidegger's Notion of Dwelling: The Contributions of Thomas Thiis-Evensen and Christopher    Alexander, in Building and Dwelling [Bauen und Wohnen], edited by Eduard Führ. Munich, Germany: Waxmann Verlag GmbH; New York: Waxmann, 2000, pp. 189-202.

1998  Goethe, Nature, and Phenomenology: An Introduction, in Goethe's Way of Science: A Phenomenology of Nature.

1997   Behavioral Geography [Phenomenology and], in Encyclopedia of Phenomenology, Lester Embree et al., eds. (Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers), in press [an international encyclopedia on the history and practice of phenomenology; includes entries by some 100 contributors--all key figures in phenomenological research].

1996   To Open Feeling: Phenomenology, Emotional Experience, and Humane Habitats, Laboratorio di Geografia e Letteratura [Studies in Geography and Literature], 1 (1): 15-21.

1994   The Life of the Place: A Phenomenological Commentary on Bill Hillier's Theory of Space Syntax, Nordisk Arkitekturforskning [Nordic Journal of Architectural Research], 7, 1: 35-48.

1994   A Thiis-Evensen Interpretation of Two Churches by Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright (co-authored with Yuan Lin), in R. M. Feldman, G. Hardie, and D. G. Saile, eds., Power by Design: EDRA Proceedings 24, Oklahoma City: Environmental Design Research Association, pp. 130-142.

1993   Dwelling, Seeing and Designing: An Introduction, in Dwelling, Seeing and Designing: Toward a Phenomenol­ogical Ecology, pp. 1-21, [see books above].

1993    Promoting a Foundational Ecology Practically Through Christopher Alexander's Pattern Language: The Example of Meadowcreek (co-authored with Gary J. Coates), in Dwelling, Seeing and Designing: Toward a Phenomenol­ogical Ecology, pp. 331-55, [see books above].

1993    Different Worlds Coming Together: A Phenomenology of Relationship as Portrayed in Doris Lessing's Diaries of Jane Somers, in Dwelling, Seeing and Designing: Toward a Phenomenol­ogical Ecology, pp. 219-46, [see books above].

1992    A Diary Interpretation of Place: Artist Frederic Church's Olana, in Geographical Snapshots of North America, edited by Donald G. Janelle. New York: Guilford Press, pp. 78-82 [a collection of 93 essays commemorating the 27th Congress of the International Geographical Union and Assembly in Washington, D. C., August].

1991    Toward a Phenomenology of Citiness: Kevin Lynch's Image of the City and Beyond, National Geographical Journal of India, 37 (March-June): 178-188.

1991    Toward a Phenomenology of the Architectural Lifeworld, in Architecture: Back..to...Life (Proceedings of the 79th Annual Meeting of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture), edited by John Hancock & William Miller. Wash., D. C.: ACSA Press, pp. 3-7.

1990    Architecture, Experience, and Phenomenology: Toward Reconciling Order and Freedom, paper no. 1, Person-Environment Theory Series, edited by R. Ellis. Berkeley: Center for Environmental Design Research, University of California, Berkeley.

1990    Using Pattern Language to Identify Sense of Place: American Landscape Painter Frederic Church's Olana as a Test Case, in Coming of Age: Proceedings, EDRA, 1990, edited by R. Selby. Urbana-Champaign: University of Illinois, pp. 171-179.

1990    Awareness and Reunion: A Phenomenology of the Person-Environment Relationship as Portrayed in the New York Photographs of André Kertész, in Place Images in the Media, edited by Leo Zonn. Totowa, New Jersey: Roman and Littlefield, pp. 87-107.

1989    Humanistic and Phenomenological Advances in Environmental Design: The Case of Genius Loci, The Humanistic Psychologist, 17 (Autumn): 280-293.

1988   Towards a Phenomenology of Environmental Meaning: The Example of Flowforms, The National Geographical Journal of India [special issue on Environmental Meaning and Aesthetics], 34 (March): 65-74.

1987    Phenomenology and the Clark Experience, Journal of Environmental Psychology [special issue on Clark University as a center of innovation for research in environment and behavior], 7 (December, 1987): 367-377.

1987    Phenomenology and Environment‑Behavior Research, in Gary T. Moore and

            Ervin Zube, eds., Advances in Environment, Behavior, and Design, vol. 1. New York: Plenum, pp. 3-27.

1987    Phenomenology and Vernacular Lifeworlds, in David Saile, ed., Architecture in Cultural Change. Lawrence, Kansas: School of Architecture, University of Kansas,pp. 17‑24 [reprinted in The Trumpeter, 8, 4 (Fall 1991): 201-206].

1987    Christopher Alexander and the Nature of Architecture, Orion Nature Quarterly, 6, (Spring): 20‑33 (co-authored with Gary J. Coates and Susanne Siepl).

1985    Dwelling, Place and Environment: An Introduction, co‑authored with Robert Mugerauer, in David Seamon and Robert Mugerauer, eds., Dwelling, Place and Environment [see books above], pp. 1‑12.

1985    Reconciling Old and New Worlds: The Dwelling‑Journey Relationship as Portrayed in Vilhelm Moberg's "Emigrant" Novels, in David Seamon and Robert Mugerauer, eds., Dwelling, Place and Environment [see books above], pp. 227‑245.

1984    Heidegger's Notion of Dwelling and One Concrete Interpretation as Indicated by Hassan Fathy's Architecture for the Poor, Geosciences and Man, 24 (April): 43‑53.

1984    Emotional Experience of the Environment, American Behavioral Scientist, 27 (July/August): 757‑770.

1984    Phenomenologies of Place and Environment, Phenomenology and Pedagogy, 2: 130‑135.

1984    Toward a Phenomenology of Place and Place‑Making: Interpreting Landscape, Lifeworld and Aesthetics (co‑authored with Gary J. Coates), Oz, 6 (May): 6‑9.

1984    Philosophical Directions in Behavioral Geography with an Emphasis on the Phenomenological Contribution, in Environmental Perception and Behavior: Inventory and Prospect, co‑edited with Thomas Saarinen and James Sell. Chicago: University of Chicago Department of Geography Series, No. 209, pp. 167‑178.

1983    Creativity: Center and Horizon, in Anne Buttimer, ed., Creativity and Context (Lund, Sweden: Gleerup), pp. 54‑64. 

1983    A Soft‑Spoken Hero: The Phenomenological Contribution to Architectural Education, in N. Harm and J. Kudra, eds. Proceedings: Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, West Central Regional Conference, 1982 (Norman: University of Oklahoma College of Environmental Design, 1983), pp. 128‑136.

1982    The Phenomenological Contribution to Environmental Psychology, Journal of Environmental Psychology, 2 (June): 119‑140.

1982    Heidegger, Environment and Dwelling, Environment and Planning A, 14 (March): 419‑423.

1981    Newcomers, Existential Outsiders and Insiders: Their Portrayal in Two Books by Doris Lessing, in D.C.D. Pocock, ed., Humanistic Geography and Literature (London: Croom Helm), pp. 85‑100.

1980    Market Place as Place Ballet: A Swedish Example (co‑authored with Christina Nordin), Landscape 24 (October): 35‑41.

1980    Body Ballets, Time‑space Routines and Place Ballets, in The Human Experience of Space and Place [see books above], pp. 146‑65.

1980    Afterward: Community, Place and Environment, in The Human Experience of Space and Place [see books above], pp. 188‑96.

1979    Phenomenology, Geography and Geographic Education, Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 3 (Autumn): 40‑50.

1978    Goethe's Approach to the Natural World: Implications for Environmental Theory and Education, in David Ley and Marwyn Samuels, eds., Humanistic Geography: Prospects and Problems (Chicago: Maaroufa Press), pp. 238‑50.

1976   Phenomenological Investigation of Imaginative Literature, in G.T. Moore and R.G. Golledge, eds., Environmental Knowing: Theories, Research, and Methods (Stroudsburg, PA: Dowden, Hutchison and Ross) pp. 286‑90.

1976    Extending the Man‑Environment Relationship: Wordsworth and Goethe's Experience of the Natural World, Monadnock, 50: 38‑50.

1975    The Phenomenological Investigation of Lived‑Space, Monadnock, 49: 38‑45.

1972   Environmental Imagery: An Overview and Tentative Ordering, in W.J. Mitchell, ed., Environmental Design: Research and Practice (Los Angeles: School of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of California, Los Angeles) pp. 7‑1‑1‑‑7‑1‑7.


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