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Dwelling, Seeing, and Designing: Toward a Phenomenological Ecology


David Seamon, Editor


Table of Contents



Chapter 1.                        Dwelling, Seeing and Building:  An Introduction

                                        by DAVID SEAMON


Part I.  Modernity and the Built Environment:  Problems and Possibilities


Chapter 2.                        Modernity and the Reclamation of Place           

                                        by EDWARD RELPH

Chapter 3.                        Thoughts on a Non-Arbitrary Architecture

                                        by KARSTEN HARRIES

Chapter 4.                        "If the Doors of Perception Were Cleansed":  Toward an Experiential Aesthetics for the Designed Landscape

                                        by CATHERINE HOWETT                                                                                       


Part II.  Interpreting Architecture and Landscape


Chapter 5.                        The First Roof:  Interpreting a Spatial Pattern

                                        by MURRAY SILVERSTEIN

Chapter 6.                        Toward an Architectural Vocabulary:  The Porch as a Between

                                        by ROBERT MUGERAUER

Chapter 7.                        A Lesson in Continuity:  The Legacy of the Builders Guild in  Northern Greece

                                        by RONALD WALKEY

Chapter 8.                        Toward a Phenomenology of Landscape and Landscape Experience:  An Example from Catalonia

                                        by JOAN NOGUÉ I FONT

Chapter 9.                        Toward a Holistic Understanding of Place:  Reading a Landscape Through Its Flora and Fauna

                                        by MARK RIEGNER


Part III.  Living, Understanding and Designing


Chapter 10.                      Different Worlds Coming Together:  A Phenomenology of Relationship as Portrayed in Doris Lessing's

                                        Diaries of Jane Somers

                                        by DAVID SEAMON

Chapter 11.                      Putting Geometry in Its Place:  Toward a Phenomenology of the Design Process

                                        by KIMBERLY DOVEY

Chapter 12.                      Sacred Structures and Everyday Life:  A Return to Manteo, North     Carolina

                                        by RANDOLPH T. HESTER, JR.

Chapter 13.                      Designing for a Commitment to Place:  Lessons from the Alternative Community Findhorn

                                        by CLARE COOPER MARCUS

Chapter 14.                      Promoting a Foundational Ecology Practically Through Christopher Alexander's Pattern Language:  The

                                        Example of Meadowcreek

                                        by GARY J. COATES and DAVID SEAMON

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